Fire and Alternative Circus School
Preacher Muad'dib
Preacher has been a fulltime fire and sideshow performer since 1998. He is a specialist in fire manipulation, traditional and modern sideshow, prop balancing and holds several world records in these disciplines. 

Preacher has studied several martial arts; holding belts in Wei Chi Kung Fu and Kenpo Karate. He is also trained in a variety of weapons including balisong knives, foils, nunchucks, and bo staff. 
Preacher has continued to develop his skills over the years and is able to perform some very rare and unique stunts, such as balancing a running lawnmower on his chin. He holds a number of world records, has made various TV and film appearances and has worked as a consultant on several TV and film productions. 
Preacher has studied a variety of support skills and is highly trained in health and safety (particularly fire safety), first aid, stagecraft, stage management and has an encyclopedic knowledge of insurance regulations, laws relating to performance and performers and health and safety regulations.

Preacher teaches both group classes and one-to-one sessions at Havoc. Please contact us to book a class with him.