Fire and Alternative Circus School
Vapours Fire Class
Vapour stunts are the hallmark of a professional performer and involve manipulating the vapour fuel of fire itself. 

This two hour class will teach you skills such as Human Candle, Moonshot and Null Vapour.

You will also learn about fuel management, skills progression, performance tips, Health and Safety. 

In order to study this class you should already be proficient at fire eating, transfers, retentions and teething. If you are not yet confident at these skills please consider taking the Intermediate Fire Class instead. 
All equipment is supplied for use in the course.

This course can be booked as a individual, pair or small group class any time between 10am and 10pm 7 days a week (subject to the instructors availablility).

Public Group Classes are held regularly - please check the schedule to find the next classes: 

Private one to one class: £150 
Private two person class: £225 
Public group class: £100